HP CEO Says Company Did Not Purchase Palm to Join the Smartphone Race

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"Mine is this big!"


Well, this sounds a bit silly, doesn't it? HP drops 1.2 Billion  on Palm and it's not to enter the smartphone business. At the Bank of America Merrill Lynch technology conference HP CEO Mark Hurd said that HP wanted the IP, namely WebOS. Here's what he had to say:

We didn't buy Palm to be in the smartphone business. And I tell people that, but it doesn't seem to resonate well. We bought it for the IP. The WebOS is one of the two ground-up pieces of software that is built as a web operating environment‚ĶWe have tens of millions of HP small form factor web-connected devices‚ĶNow imagine that being a web-connected environment where now you can get a common look and feel and a common set of services laid against that environment. That is a very value proposition. 

Yeah, that's a lot of talk. Still, he didn't mention anything about a tablet computer.

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