Hulu Hoopla: Test Their iPhone, iPad Apps Right Now

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We reported yesterday that online-video-streaming megalith Hulu was readying a US$10/month premium service ("Hulu Plus"), as well as iPhone and iPad apps that would bring their previously Flash/Jscript-intensive interface to the House of Jobs.

Well, test versions of the (free) apps have now hit iTunes.  Click here for the iPhone flavor, here if you're a happy-go-lucky iPad'er.

Interestingly, the iDevice-owning public have already spoken on the topic: out of 1405 comments/ratings so far, 1137 have given the apps and service a one-star review.  Complained one user, "You are crazy to charge me $10/month and show commercials. You are crazy to have desktop free version and charge for others." 

Hey, it's not much different than paying for cable service and getting lots of "basic cable" channels — most of which run commercials.  Face it, your cable bill isn't footing the production costs for 30 MINUTE MEALS, or BURN NOTICE, or SONS OF ANARCHY — the advertisers are.  You're just paying for access to Rachel Ray and Michael Weston and SAMCRO.

Our prediction: yes, Hulu is crazy to offer a premium pay service.  And we predict it will be very, very successful.