I Don’t Love The Eighties: iPad Turned Into “Keytar”

One of the least-fondly-remembered artifacts of 1980's-era rock music — a decade that, to be fare, gave us skinny-ties, hair metal, and Frank Stallone — was the synthesizer/guitar mutant.  Yes, the infamous "keytar", wielded by the likes of Gary Wright and Devo.  Remember, kids?

Franz K remembers.  That's the only explanation for his Mantaray iTar: basically an iPad dock with a shoulder strap and the capability to mount effects processors on it.

Franz sez "Gadget music is the new punk rock!"  We say: watch the video above, then go remind yourself what Wright's signature tune "Dream Weaver" sounds like.  On second thought, don't.  Really.  Just…don't.

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