I Want My iTV! iPhones Make Music Video A Low-Budget Delight

"This is not your father's MTV."  Yeah, no kidding, Captain Kirk.  The 24/7 music video jukebox I grew up with has been co-opted by spoiled debutantes, pregnant teens, and the Snookies, Speidi's, and related bints of faux-reality shows.  And on the off chance you DO see a music video, it's probably one of Lady Gaga's overheated disco fever dreams.

That's why its nice to stumble across something as quirky and original as "On My Way," from Israeli pop combo Izabo.  Taking a cue from OK Go's treadmills-'n'-choreography "Here We Go Again," "On My Way's" central gimmick is to use a gaggle of iPhones as props and storytelling aids.  It's geeky, lo-fi, and a triumph of imagination over budget.  Enjoy.

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