iBump: The New iPhone 4 Bumper Case

The iPhone is not notoriously secure in terms of casing.  Much of this does not come from any flaw in the iPhone's design and instead simply that the touch screen is incredibly open to trauma that could be incurred.  The rest of the Phone has a barrier against the harsh and unforgiving world, but there are enough buttons to allow in debris and any phone is vulnerable to accidents.  With the price of the iPhone begin what it is and the lack of the ability to put normal "insurance" on it besides Apple Care the need to buy an external iPhone case is a serious one.  With the announcement of the iPhone 4 we saw that the over all dimensions of the new device is different than the iPhone 3Gs, rendering the older iPhone cases a little obsolete.  To match this there has been the announcement of the Bumper, the new case for the iPhone 4.

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The Bumper, which comes right from Apple itself, has had various reactions from those who have seen it.  "Strange" seems to be a very common Bumper response, so you might have to bump in on it yourself to see what the buzz is about.  What is different about the iPhone 4 Bumper, other than that it comes in a rainbow of six different colors and can be purchased right from the App Store, is that it really only covers the sides of the device.  The most vulnerable part, the iPhone's touch screen, is not protected in the way it should be.  Many people are likely going to buy it because the assumption of superiority always goes to first market devices, but when the iPhone 4 is finally released the same competitors from earlier iPhone incarnations are likely going to create a more efficient and protective device.  If you do go with the iPhone 4 Bumper then you will have to put a protective film on your touch screen separately.  For an iPhone case that costs $29 the Bumper may just fall in a little short.

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