iHints And Allegations: Is iWorks Productivity Suite Coming To iPhones?

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Whether accidentally or intentionally, Apple has recently been dropping boulder-sized hints that the iWorks productivity suite is iPhone-bound.  Earlier this month, the above image showed up on their website in a description of how the iPhone 4 could open email attachments in third-party apps.  It wasn't long before Cupertino yanked the graphic and replaced it with one that referred to "iBooks" rather than "Keynote," but sharp-eyed pundits were already wondering "what if…?"

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More recently, it was discovered that ordering unlocked iPhones through some international Apple sites — and offered the option of adding AppleCare to the order — clicking the "Learn More" link displayed the above message.

While many see iWorks for iPhone as an inevitability (pointing out that the iPad already has Keynote, Pages, and Numbers), it remains to be seen how much productivity can actually be accomplished on the iPhone's smaller screen.

Via macrumors

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