iOS4 On a 3G – Our First Hour

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iOS4 has deployed and we have been playing with it for a little while. This is a guide for 3G users. Those of you with a 3Gs will have to check out our 3Gs guide.

So far, not much has changed on the outside. One of the biggest features, multitasking, was left out for those of us on a regular old 3G. Luckily, we do get to use folders. They work as promised, but the initial setup of your folders is far from fun. Once done, it feels great to no longer have 400 pages of Apps to sift through. The slight downside is that you will have to re-adjust to having your Apps in a different place. Those of us who are used to thumbing around while not looking at our iPhone will have to get used to their new setup. Just a small hitch for the convenience of not having to flip around several pages of Apps.

Our biggest gripe? Gamecenter seems to be MIA. Seems that Apple plans to hold it over until the fall. Too bad they got us so excited about us and touted it as one of the big major upgrades in iOS4. We were ready to combine social networking and gaming. Did it just get delayed?

We are a bit saddened to say that we are slightly disappointed by this latest firmware update, at least on the 3G front. All the features we were expecting (we already knew we weren't getting multitasking) went missing. We can't even change our home screen's wallpaper. Sadly, we have no way of confirming whether this is just our own phone's hiccup, or if other 3G users are experiencing the same issue. We tried to look around, but the option doesn't seem to exist. Either way, it's a let down.

Is it worth downloading iOS4 on your 3G? Yeah, but only because it's free. Would we pay for it at this point? No, not at all. We will keep crackin' at it, and let you know if it grows on us.

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