iPhone 4 is Already in Some Homes, Tell us What You Think

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First, people were thrilled because it seemed that the iPhone 4 would be arriving at some homes a day earlier than expected. It's good to get things early. Especially your new phone. What's better is when it arrives two days early.

As we here at iSmashPhone play the waiting game, we want to hear it straight from those who have received their phone early. Truth be told, we are a bit jealous of you if you already have it. But there's no use holding a grudge, right? Give us your impressions: Was it worth the money and the wait? How much faster does it feel than your last smartphone? How's the battery? Tell us anything you want to tell us about your iPhone 4. We want to hear it.

While your at it, read about our first hour with the iOS4, the 3G edition: iOS4 on a 3G

We will also be filling you in on impressions across the iPhone spectrum as we are able to put them together.

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