iPhone 4’s Drivers May Have Contributed to Wifi Troubles at WWDC

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Ars Technica has taken an in-depth look at the wifi issue at Monday's WWDC keynote.

For those of you who didn't see the event, it played out something like this: Jobs was showing off the new Iris display tech, and did a side by side, pixel by pixel comparison that was projected onto the big screen. Jobs decided to browse one of his favorite websites, the New York Times. The iPhone 3Gs loaded the page normally, but the iPhone 4 choked. It kept loading, even with full wifi signal.

At this point, Jobs decides its best to move on with the show. Turns out that there were well over 500 wifi networks running in the building. Most of these networks are said to have been coming from MiFi setups, which basically consist of a device that grabs a 3G signal and shares it as wifi to up to five devices.

Ars had a couple of wifi professionals watch the video and try to figure out what happened because of all the networks. It's a lengthy–but interesting–read, and may help you better understand what happened the minute fear of the wrath of Jobs struck the hearts of the staff running the keynote.

via Ars Technica

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