iTunes 9.2 beta released

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Update: Want
iOS4 Before Public Release? Here's How…

Along with the release of iOS4 on June 21 prepare yourself for iTunes 9.2. Apple has released a beta version of the iTunes software for developers alongside the Gold Master version of iOS 4. The new beta build is Mac-only at this time.

The new version of Apple's music folder and store front, will among other things allow for PDF syncing in the new iBooks for iPhone. 

This ability to read PDFs is a major addition to the iBooks app, and isn’t currently available on the iPad version. People will be able to email PDFs to one another and open them in this reader, or sync them with their computer and this new iTunes 9.2.

According to the Keynote at yesterday's WWDC, iBooks will be able to sync wirelessly with all your devices and iTunes.

No word yet on the much speculated iTunes cloud-based version. Surely if 'AirTunes' were ready for the public, or at least on the near horizon, it would have merited mention in the Keynote yesterday.

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