Jimmy Fallon’s Latest Attempt At Humor Involves Tech

Unfortunately, these App concepts are funnier than Jimmy Fallon's presentation. 

The Beiber yourself App is similar to one of those Apps you use to snap a picture of yourself and add features to your mug. This one puts Justin Beiber hair on you.

Fallon also shows off an App that makes your voice sound like a didgeridoo by pre-recording your speech then blowing into it.

Another App has Axel Rose sing relaxing tunes in order to relax you. Hearing the App play Wolf Sounds is great.

Then there is a parody of Plants vs. Zombies called Plants vs. Reisers, in which the player sets up pods to fight off invading Paul Reiser heads.

Sadly these Apps are not real and Fallon's show is. If we could only get him to stop laughing at his own jokes…

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