Kneecapped: AT&T To Drop Unlimited iPad Data Plan

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The Death Star giveth, and the Death Star taketh away.

First the good news: in a brand spankin' new press release, AT&T announced several new reduced-price data plans, such as the 2 GB/US$25.00 per month DataPro — which includes a tethering option for an additional US$20.00/month.  Go over the 2 GB mark, and you'll have to pay another ten bucks for an extra gigabyte of bandwidth that month.  (AT&T's logic: "Currently, 98 percent of AT&T smartphone customers use less than 2 GB of data a month on average.")

Now, the cloud to go with the silver lining: the DataPro plan will replace the US$29.99/month unlimited plan currently being offered with the iPad 3G.  Raise your hand if you suspected that little cupcake was too good to last.

The only really good news here is that existing iPad 3G owners with the unlimited data plan will not have to give it up unless they actually want to.  The new pricing goes into effect June 7th, so if you were on the fence about springing for that iPad — well, you know what they say about snoozing and losing…