Microscope Connects To iPad Wirelessly

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From the 'this is cool' department:

Japanese owned Scalar Corp has developed the "AirMicro model A1," a microscope that can connect to an iPhone or iPad via a wireless LAN.

Using a 50x lens, the microscope can zoom the images of the user's skin, or y'know whatever, in and out on the iPad. The company has already developed a downloadable app, for using the microscope with the iPhone and the iPad.

Scalar hopes to sell 50,000 units this year, looking likely to cost just under $400 when it goes on sale in the US. 

The AirMicro A1 has a 5MP image sensor and 50x zoom lens, with the images transferring wirelessly to the iPad and displayed within the app, with the video shooting in 320 √ó 240 format at 15fps.

Scalar used GainSpan Corp's low-power-consumption wireless LAN chip so that the battery life of the microscope is not affected much.

While developed primarily for cosmetics, and not for personal use, this could have huge potential in a variety of other areas.


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