Microsoft Pays Devs to Port iPhone Apps to Windows Phone 7

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According to, Microsoft is throwing money at iPhone app developers to get them to port their products over to Windows Phone 7.

One developer has said that Microsoft is contacting successful iPhone developers, offering them upfront cash to port their games to the new platform.

The payola is necessary because Windows Phone 7 is limited to Silverlight or XNA Framework (C#) development, and the cost of reworking games from C++ is high. 

Once source surmised there was the possibility Microsoft could tweak the development environment to make porting from C++ easier, and tip the balance to make the deal commercially viable.

Sony similarly encouraged iPhone developers to support its PSP Minis program. While its not known if there was big financial inducements, the platform has never really taken off. So, the success of such an move by Microsoft looks dicey at best.

It may not matter, with the the iPhone and Android sucking all the air out of the room this may be Microsoft's the last hope of getting enough apps on the device to make it at all tempting.


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