Navigation Apps Update for iOS 4

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Now that iOS4 has dropped, most apps are heading to do a quick update to support multitasking. TomTom is one of the first out of the door adding multitasking to it's iconic navigation service.

CoPilot has said that they're hoping their app will be on the App Store in under two weeks. The new version will allow for turn-by-turn navigation even when conducting a phone call. The instructions will come in push notification form, as the picture above shows. Audio directions are muted while calls are taking place, for safety reasons. 

When not on a call, the voice navigation will still work when other apps are in use, with a double-tap on the home button taking you back to the map. The update also includes better clarity for the iPhone 4's retina display.

Navigon continues the audio directions when you're on a call, even the person you're on call with can hear them. Otherwise, browsing in Safari, and the usual multitasking operations seem to work.

TomTom ver 1.4 is available to download now, for $60 in the app store. It brings the same navigation during calls, but with visual notifications unlike Navigon's. 

Like Navigon and CoPilot other apps are available for use while voice directions are carried on.

TomTom's new update also lets the driver share routes over email, and receive reminders in their calendars of upcoming trips. 

CoPilot's app costs just $20 for North American maps, TomTom's is $60 for US and Canada and Navigon charges $80 for North America, though you can buy maps for just your region, for $30. 


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