New Study Links Violent Games to Violent Behavior, Diminished Cognitive Function

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Is your iPhone making you a more aggressive?


A study presented at the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) 2010 meeting states that violent games are linked to aggression.

Interestingly, the release says that "male players" of violent games "particularly first person shooter games, have more feelings of aggression than nonplayers, according to a small study from German researchers."

It's been a widely-debated issue since the days of Death Race in the arcade, and it continues to today. Past studies have come to the same conclusion, while other studies imply that games can have a positive effect.

The question always remains who ordered these studies, and whose interests were in mind. We even see bias in the minds of many of the blogs. When a headline speaks positively about gaming, the blogs tend to agree, when it's the opposite, the blogs tend to say the study is loaded with crap.

Here's a new theory: Maybe both sides of the debate are so stuck on their beliefs, and don't want to be proven wrong. It will be near-impossible to get both to come to a conclusion.

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