No Unlimited Data Plans, Please, We’re English

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The "Hello, iPhone 4G/Goodbye, unlimited data plan" movement has just crossed the Atlantic.

English cell network O2 has posted pricing for its iPhone 4G contracts, and — surprise, surprise! — data plans are capped at 1GB/month.  As you near the data ceiling, they'll text you an alert and give you the option of a "monthly Bolt On," i.e. 500 MB more throughput for ¬£5, or ¬£10 for another whole gigabyte.

As DSLReports already pointed out, the mere presence of a forward-facing camera on the 4G is guaranteed to blow through even the 2GB/month cap the Death Star is offering us Colonists.  By comparison, O2's maximum bandwidth offering is only half of that.

Expect a flood of early 4G adopters in the UK to stampede Wi-Fi hotspots whenever they want to send or receive video.

[Via Engadget ]