Oh, Say, Can You “V:” Verizon May Offer iPhone In January 2011

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We haven't had a good iPhone-coming-to-Verizon story since, oh, last month.  So here's this month's:

Bloomberg is quoting two anonymous sources who insist Verizon has plans to start offering an iPhone at the beginning of 2011.  As is to be expected, no one at Verizon Communications, Verizon Wireless, or Apple cared to comment on the rumor.

Although its stranglehold on the iPhone has pushed AT&T to a position of cellphone dominance, Verizon is still the largest US mobile phone company, currently sporting over 92 million customers.  According to UBS AG analyst John Hodiluk, that kind of customer base could translate to sales of three million "vPhones" a quarter.  Verizon is also in the process of lashing together a 4G data network, as well as planning some major 4G device announcements at the next Consumer Electronics Show — which, coincidentally enough, is also scheduled for January '11.

News of the potential Verizon-iPhone marriage helped bump up Verizon's stock price on the NYSE.  At the same time, shares of Apple, AT&T, and Blackberry all dropped in value.

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