Pay To Play: Hulu Plus Offers Subscription Service — And iDevice Compatibility

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One of the biggest online video "we still need Flash, dammit" hold-outs has now gone over to the Dark Side…

Today, Hulu announced the momentary arrival of Hulu Plus, a new US$9.99/month premium service with more content, HD support, and — helloooooo, Cupertino! — it'll run on iPhones and iPads.  (TV's, too!) 

Clearly, Hulu took the time and effort to recode all their Flash and Javascript behind-the-scenes bookkeeping/ad-click/DRM software to finally play nice with iDevices — something that YouTube and Vimeo managed to have in place the very nanosecond the iPad's first hit the retail channels.

The new service hasn't gone live yet, but you can submit your email address here ( in the hopes of becoming one of the first Hulu Plus subscribers during their preview.

(And why do I get the feeling that Steve Jobs will star in their next "an alien plot to take over the world" commercial?)