Pegatron to ship CDMA iPhone

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A report has reached us that Pegatron Technology, a tech company that makes notebooks for Acer among other things, has is set to ship CDMA iPhone orders.

If this is true, it means that Verizon may indeed be getting the iPhone, or at least that Apple will sell non-carrier specific devices. Still, the cost of going to CDMA must mean that something is in the offing.

While everyone has talked about a Verizon/CDMA iPhone, and rumors are out there about a Verizon iPad, it's remained fully in the realm of speculation.

Reportedly Pegatron will start shipping the CDMA version of the iPhone 4 to Apple in the fourth quarter and is currently using its plants in Shanghai, China to produce the products. The company is also working on gaining orders for MacBooks and iPads from Apple, according to the source.

This seems to confirm and earlier report that Pegatron had received orders for a CDMA iPhone.

Like all other iPhone rumors we'll wait before we celebrate. We have been down this road before, hoping for a Verizon iPhone.


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