Privacy Issue with DROID Incredible?

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From BoyGenius comes a report about potential privacy issues on the HTC Incredible. 

Apparently the Incredible will occasionally store screenshots of the contents of your web browser. These screen captures are a function of the HTC Sense UI bookmark widget and are not the issue. Temporary screen grabs are not unusual. 

The problem is these JPEG files remain when the current browser session is closed, they remain after you clear the browser history, and they remain after a full factory reset.

They are extremely hard to get rid of.

 The files are saved to a folder named .bookmark_thumb1 which is located within the emmc folder of the phones internal storage (so you would expect a full factory reset to delete them). 

Various screenshots of different activities were there, including online banking visits,  even after having completed a factory reset. This was tested and replicated it several times. 

While the images can be deleted manually, you shouldn't have to, it should be deleted automatically.

It's a bit scary. This is 2010, and it's impossible to escape privacy issues, stores being hacked issues, etc., but COMEON!  These companies have to step up and be a lot more responsible. Buyer beware? Indeed.


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