Samsung Says Their Tech is Better Than the Retina Display

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Samsung's still not impressed. (image


We saw Steve Jobs presenting the iPhone 4 on Monday. During the conference, Apple talked up the new Retina display, which shows picture at an amazing 326 ppi, which is apparently higher than what the human eye needs to see pixels as one smooth element.

Sounds amazing doesn't it? Well, Samsung doesn't think so. According to them, the display on Apple's upcoming smartphone only provides a 3 to 5 percent sharper image than Samsung's Galaxy S Super AMOLED screen. That's still up to 5 percent sharper, right? They won't deny that. However, they do say that the Retina display uses up 30 percent more power, and that their own display has wider viewing angles and better contrast. They add that,"structurally, IPS LCD technology cannot catch up with AM-OLED display technology."

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