Seekrit BestBuy iPhone 4 Launch Plan Leaked

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The entire Best Buy launch plan for the iPhone 4 has leaked online and is available at iClarified.

The most interesting tidbit is that stores will re-open the now suspended pre-ordering, on launch day; they will be accepting reservations for devices that customers can pick up at a later date. 

No specifics on the number of units, because, that would actually be helpful, but there are cautions against expecting much in the way of non-reserved phones. It is strictly first come/first served. 

The 24 page document outlines of the following:

? Big Don'ts

? Employee Purchases

? SKUs and Pricing

? Data Plan Requirements

? iPhone Rate Plans

? Micro SIM

? Passing Along an Old iPhone

? Early Termination Fees

? How Does iPhone 4 Stack Up vs. iPhone 3GS?

? How Does iPhone 4 Stack Up vs. the Top Devices from Verizon and Sprint?

? Training Resources

? Pre-Sales

? Launch Day Plan

? Accessories

? Trade-ins

? Returns and Exchanges

? Inventory and Loss Prevention

? Services

? Merchandising and Marketing

Two interesting notes;  Pre-sales may only occur up to 11:00 am local time, and customers who pre-purchase on launch day will be added to the store's pre-sale cue based on time of pre-sale and will get their pre-sale fulfilled in priority order.

So get there early! Or just go to the Apple store.


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