Sex On The Street: iPad Ads Creatively Defaced

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As if the actual iPhone 4G debut wasn't anticlimactic enough…

With WWDC bringing the tech to San Francisco, a local group calling themselves "Freedom From Porn" decided they'd had enough of Apple's omnipresent iPad street advertisements in general — and Uncle Steve's "I'm keeping the App Store smut-free, thank you!" stance in particular.

So in an act of guerilla counter-propaganda worthy of Abbie Hoffman — or Jello Biafra — the group set about creatively defacing the ads to show iPad users dialing up porn web sites on their tablets.  (A very full-rez version of the above picture can be seen here — and yeah, it is way, WAAAAY work-unsafe.)  Not only did they call out Jobs on their front page for naming the iPad "after a femine hygiene product," they even posted a brief video clip of their members in paste-and-dash action:

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