Shattered Like A Glass Goblin: iPhone 4G’s “Ultradurable” Glass Doesn’t Live Up To The Hype

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So the new iPhone 4G not only has glass on BOTH sides of the phone, but said glass is supposed to be "30 times stronger than plastic" as well.  Fact or ad copy?

The "iFix Your i"  blog decided to find out for themselves, dropping a 4G case (less circuit board) from a height of 3.5 feet, to simulate falling from your pocket/belt or from a desktop.

First two drops, the case remained intact.  Drop number three?  As you can see from the attached photo…not so much.

iFix Your i point out that — despite Apple's video demo of the glass being bent without incident — it is shock and sudden impact, not flexing, that is glass's enemy.  They also pointed out that unlike the 3G (which recessed the glass and protected it with a chrome bezel), the 4G's glass sits directly on top of the aluminum frame — "a design flaw that will bite [Apple] in the future."  (As it is, Apple is now offering a protective case for the 4G, dubbed the "bumper."  Maybe even THEY don't believe their own hype?)

And just to add insult to (literal!) injury, the blog offered this laconic punchline: "We will continue to be the leader in iPhone Repair, and now iPhone 4 Repair."

[Via Gizmodo ]