Sleeping With The Enemy: Google’s Admob SDK For iPad Is Down With The HTML5

Here's one that's enough to make your head spin…

Admob, the "mobile advertising marketplace" that pairs Mad Men with mobile publishers, was recently purchased by Google — who, when we last checked, was pretty much in the Adobe corner in their "Flash – si!"/"Flash – no!" battles with the House of Jobs.

Apparently, no one bothered to tell Admob: they just released an iPad-specific SDK to allow app coders to incorporate their network's ads.  In particular, Admob has publicly praised the "creative potential of iPad ads using HTML5," going so far as to demo ads in that format.

In less contentious news, the SDK promises to work the same across the entire iPhone OS spectrum (including iPod Touches and iPads).  Check out the above video demo and draw your own conclusions.