The Cutter: YouTube Video Editing?

It seems that video editing has gone completely mainstream.  So much for those film certificates.  Apple's commitment to home multi-media and their approachable iLife software package has brought the concept of semi-professional video production possibilities into people's homes.  iMovie was adequate enough to make your Caribbean vacation look like it went through a real post-production house, and having this in the collective consciousness eventually led the expectation of the video editing to become the standard.  Final Cut Studio brought this to another level and showed that the tools for professional film and video editing was, at least technically, available to the peasant masses.  YouTube culture and cell phone video has now created a new rush in the surveillance market, except in this period of time it is just a constant filming in between people on their mobile devices.  The upcoming iPhone 4 is capable of 720p HDvideo and now with the inclusion of the iMovie iPhone application for under five bucks you will be able to see that the expectation for video editing has taken another step forward.  This may or may not be what invited YouTube into the fold.

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YouTube has now made available a video editing option that allows you to hack and slash your videos right from their service.  You begin by logging in to YouTube and either uploading a new video or working with a video that you already have on your profile.  You really have a few options here as when you start with a whole video itself YouTube will automatically begin cutting it up into segments that you can re-arrange.  You also have the ability of putting the complete videos into a sequence, but it is all relatively primitive.

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The YouTube video editing function is really a shallow mirror of the most basic aspects of iMovie or the Storyboard mode in Windows Movie Maker.  It barely allows for anything that could be called video editing, but it is somewhat of a way forward.  What does make this interesting for iPhone and, especially, iPad users is that it will work with your devices as it comes on a Java based platform.  In its current form YouTube will attract those who need only the most minor edits to shorten up videos and do not have the time to just do it on a basic video editing software before they upload.  If it actually intends to compete with something like iMovie in the mobile market it is going to have to step up its game in the end.

iMovie app review is coming next

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