The Wait is Over, iOS4 Has Landed

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Everyone who has been waiting for multitasking, but didn't want to jailbreak their 3Gs can now smile. iOS4 has landed. It's the latest version of Apple's iPhone/iPod Touch operating system, and Apple's claims are that it has over 100 new features.

Those new features range from the more important "Tentpole" features, which are huge improvements over past systems, and add functionality that iPhone users have wanted for years to minor changes that will probably go unnoticed for a few weeks.

The best news is that the upgrade is free for everybody. Yes, everybody. Even those who use the iPod Touch. In the past, iPod users had to pay a small fee for OS upgrades. That said, there is no reason not to give the latest OS a try.

Stay tuned tonight for some first impressions.


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