Visual Voicemail munged on the iOS 4?

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Got that new iPhone 4 home and activated, yet? Hot in your hands, and ready to make and receive all those phone calls, crisp and clear with the iPhone 4’s new dual mic system? Well, be wary, your Visual Voicemail may not be working! Instead of Visual VoiceMail you may be confronted with a dial into voice mail screen.

Just stay on voice mail screen until you are prompted for your password.  We have been told that some have called 611 and configured their Voice Mail with AT&T and that also worked.

We’ve also received reports that some users upgrading their iPhone 3GS to iOS 4 have lost VisualVoice Mail as well – just make sure to turn it back on in Settings/Phone

So, if you don’t think you’re getting your messages, afraid you may have to check them the old fashioned way. Or you could just set up your Google Voice Voicemail to deal with that… handy thing.

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