When You’re Smiling: The Fashionable iPhone Development and Commercial Videos

Apple is hoping that its new FaceTime application can pull on the heart
string of parents that have been separated from their children by work. 
It also hopes that the images produced by the Retina Display will cross
some type of curious boundary and make you feel as though it is not
just a cell phone display but the very essence of how we must view
images.  All of this is done with a high pitched string section and a
series of face shots that illustrate that these are not just commercial
products, but actual revolutions for how we hold the other end of the
communication paradigm in our heads.  The new iPhone 4 design video
follows much of the modern blur between branding and information in that
it announces some features and gives associated staged scenes complete
with a mother and her new born child playing while the husband watches
through his iPhone 4 touch screen, barely escaping tears.

Sam Mendes, normally known for challenging the pervasive consumer spectre that consumes our personal relationships has jumped ship, instead celebrating fashionable consumption for the release of the iPhone 4.  As we dance around with the smiling mom and child, aging grandparents, graduating children, and laughing friends he reminds us how much we were missing out before Apple rescued us with FaceTime.  I did not even realize before.  All of this is in line for what Apple hopes will be the next big wave of shifts over to the iPhone, and if the whole world is smiling with me I think that they have a good chance.

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