Adventures In Wide-Screen: mSpot’s iPad App Streams Movies Via 3G As Well As Wi-Fi

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mSpot is clearly itching to own your iDevice in the same way that Netflix owns your DVD player (and to a lesser extent, your computer).  To its raft of iPhone, Crackberry, Droid, and WebOS flavors, they have now added an iPad-optimized viewing client. 

Unlike the "red-envelope crew," mSpot eschews montly fees for a per-view plan (usually US$2-3.99 per movie; trailers can be screened for free).  Even better, you have the option of streaming your movies over your 3G network; take that, AT&T!  (Although it goes without saying that you'll get better quality over a Wi-Fi connection…)

Coming on the heels of the recent Hulu "iPadization", it would appear that the Apple tablet is on track to become THE ubiquitous portable consumer terminal.