Android Developers vs. iOS Developers by the Numbers

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Here is some interesting information for those who love their smartphones.

Right now most developers are working on the iOS platform. According to data gathered by AppStoreHQ via their developer directory, which is a complete list of every published iOS and Android developer currently in the App Store or Android market. 

The chart above shows how many developers currently exist for each. iOS4 has 43,185 developers, while Android has 10,199 developers. Out of those, 1,412 of them are cross-platform developers, meaning they create software for both platforms.

Other reports, such as a mobile developer survey by Appcelerator, shows even more interesting information. 78% of developers surveyed said iOS had the "best near-term outlook,"  (Android was at 16%)  while 54%of that same group saw the Android OS as having the best outlook in the long-term (Apple's operation system was at 40%).

Our take? If we were skilled developers, we would just develop cross-platform. There is potential income from both.

via AppStoreHQ

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