App Organization, How do You Organize Yours?

As you may know, many of the iSmashPhone staffers come from all around. I happen to be sitting within range of the first hurricane of the season. That sometimes leads to playing around with your iPhone and finding new interesting things to do with it while trapped indoors. Some new ideas sprang to mind, and we wanted to share them with you. 

Folders in iOS4 is one of the most welcome features of the upgrade. It allows us to better organize our Apps in ways that weren't before possible on an iPhone without jailbreak.

Many of us tend to organize by App type. For instance, we place news Apps under a folder called "News" or work tools under "Productivity."  This is probably by far the most commonly used method. As shown below:

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Sometimes we keep our favorite Apps around on the front page:

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You can also organize you Apps by how often you use them. Why not keep your most used Apps in one folder, and some of your lesser used Apps in other folders further down the line.

Don't forget that you can also put folders into your dock as well. This may be the best place to put your daily must-use Apps, whatever they may be. It's my personal favorite, because I actually tend to use some Apps more than the iPod or Mobile Safari features:

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Doing this ensures that no matter what page you are on, your favorite collection of Apps is immediately accessible.

For now, we are very interested in knowing how you, our readers, organize your Apps. Leave us some comments, and tell us how you like to arrange your Apps. We'd love to hear your suggestions.

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