Apple Admits to Mistake, Waiving Restocking Fee on iPhone 4

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It probably seemed like a good idea at the time…


Apple's 10 percent restocking fee that comes with returning a product is being waived for iPhone 4 returns. Maybe the problem is a little worse than Apple had originally believed, or admitted.

This report comes from Apple's press release last week that explained the iPhone reception problem, saying it was a problem with their formula for displaying signal strength. The error causes the iPhone 4 to display two more bars than what the device should actually display, causing users to believe that their phone has more signal strength than it actually does. At least that's Apple's explanation, but you can interpret the information your way.

Interestingly, the company has offered to take product returns, without charging their restocking fee. That starts at about $20 with the contract and can mean as much as $70 on the high end without a contract.

It's reported that AT&T, however, is not currently waiving their restocking fee.

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