Apple Blinks: iPhone 4 Users Win The (Bumper) Pool

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The big news coming out of today's iPhone 4 press conference: Apple is issuing a "tactile" mea culpa that yeah, touching the antenna-bezel wrong kills your voice/data connection.  They will begin issuing free protective bumpers for all i4 owners, or a refund if you couldn't wait and already got one.

The iPhone 4 thus joins a long list of highly-anticipated, ultimately flawed gadgetry whose failings prompted corrective actions from their parent company, from Xbox 360's "Red Ring of Death" to the PlayStation Portable's bad screen and worse square button.

Also from the conference: Steve Jobs confirmed that the i4's proximity sensor was faulty, but the problem was software- rather than hardware-based and a code update would correct that.  (One would assume it didn't sneak in with yesterday's iOS 4.0.1 stealth update.)  Also, the legendary white i4 is scheduled to drop this month, albeit in "limited quantities."  Commence "Moby Phone" jokes in 3…2…1…

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