Best Buy to offer free invisibleSHIELD to iPhone 4 owners

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According to a leaked flyer, retailer Best Buy will be offfering at least some iPhone 4 owners a free invisibleSHIELD 4fix ( retail value about $9.99 ) .

According to rumors, and a report at Engadget, the word is that that the yellow-tag retail giant will be handing out and installing, completely free side coverings for any iPhone 4 owner.

Presumably this is a proactive measure to fend off returns or to upsell consumers on an entire invisibleSHIELD case, sold seperately.

The notice does not say that you actually have to have bought your iPhone 4 from Best Buy in order to qualify, but until there is an official statement it is all just supposition.

For our part, we think that a retailer taking this step indicates that the issue of iPhone reception is bigger, more pervasive than Apple would like you to believe. Even at a relatively low price for an iPhone 'case', that is still a lot oof money, if it is success.


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