Consumer Research Firm Calls iPad Owners “Selfish Elites”

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Meet wealthy, well-educated and power hungry


That's correct, according to a study (or a joke meant to set the internet on fire) by consumer research firm MyType, is has been determined that most iPad owners are jerks.

We debated over posting this one for a while. Not because many of us are iPad owners ourselves, along with around 3.27 million other elitist jerks, but the study almost seemed like a joke. Strangely, the study didn't come from news parody site, the Onion.

However, the study did find that iPad owners are more likely to be "wealthy, well-educated" and "power-hungry."

Though we will admit that Apple's products to come at a premium price, that doesn't necessarily mean we are wealthy, we just like gadgets. Though we have all seen the type of Apple fanboy who can be elitist, that's something that can be said for just about any group.

Either way, this report is sure to stir things up. Just don't let a study that uses words like "selfish elites" and the seven deadly sins as a basis for who's a jerk and who's not upset you.

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