Could the iPhone Be Coming to T-Mobile this Fall?

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Cult of Mac is reporting that the iPhone is coming to T-Mobile this fall. They credit a ‚Äúhighly-placed source‚Äù within the company. We know, we know…these sorts of rumors pop up every year. Still, Cult of Mac seems pretty sure that it‚Äôs happening, so we will give it at least a bit of credibility. Plus, it‚Äôs only a matter of time, right? It has to happen sometime. The word is that Apple and AT&T‚Äôs exclusivity contract is almost up, and their source claims that it is ‚Äú80 percent likely‚Äù that the iPhone will come to T-Mobile by Q3 of 2010.

Still, it’s nothing more than rumor at this point, and should be taken as such. We will keep you updated if anything else develops.

via Cult of Mac

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