FaceTime On 3G? The Three G’s Are: Grim, Grim, And Grim.

Believe it or not, sometimes Apple says things for a good reason.

F'rinstance: "FaceTime will only work over Wi-Fi."  Now, on the surface, that just sounds like "Yeah, AT&T's 3G data network sucks, Part XXXLVII."

So Laptop Magazine decided to put that to the test.  Using an HTC Evo 4G as a Wi-Fi hotspot, they connected an iPhone — and tricked it into thinking it had a broadband connection, rather than the Evo's 3G.  A second iPhone went straight Wi-Fi as a control.

The results?  The iPhone on the gimmicked 3G connection produced lousy audio AND video.  (Check out the video above for the full test; it definitely does not have lousy video OR audio.)

Okay, Uncle Steve, we believe you.  FaceTime plus Wi-Fi: GOOD.  FaceTime Plus 3G: BAD.

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