Google Owns Mobile Search

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We  knew all knew that Google was the big boy in the search department; after all that is why everyone has come along wanting a piece of it. From Microsoft to Yahoo they all want a piece of the pie, that Google apparently owns!

Google boasts a mobile search market share of 98.29%, with the closest competitor Yahoo taking up just over 0.8% of market share, that’s point eight percent! Microsoft’s Bing is barely in the game with a little over point four percent. This despite some heavy product placement on TV, and a deal with Apple, who allowed it as an option on iDevices with iOS 4.

The regular, non-mobile market share is better for Yahoo and Bing, but Google simply dominates.

All this from a recent report StatCounter relayed by Pingdom, who made the chart above.

This really is impressive, if as Google claims, that mobile is the future, then they are making all the right moves.

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