Handy Light Hits the App Store, Is actually a Tethering App

Some of you longtime iPhone users may remember a little App that was released about two years ago called NetShare, which iSmashPhone reported on back then. Sadly, it was quickly removed from the App Store.

Handy Light is also a tethering App, but the feature is hidden within the flashlight App, which uses the iPhone's screen for illumination. For 99 cents, you too can own this piece of software. The cool thing about this App? No catches: No having to jailbreak, no additional AT&T fees, nothing. iPhone tethering for only a dollar. The above video not only proves that the Guile theme goes with everything, it also shows users how to use Handy Light for tethering.

Word of advice: You may want to get it fast if you plan on using it. Apple will no doubt know about this by the time you read this post.

Handy Light on App Store

via App Shopper

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