Hitting A Speed Bump(er): Someone Didn’t Get The Memo

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Let's recap, shall we?

At Apple's press conference today, Steve Jobs basically said "We're sorry you're having reception problems with your iPhone 4, and to make it up to you — free bumpers for everyone!"

So iSmashPhone.com reader Tom decided to take them up on it.  We'll let Tom tell the rest of the story:

"Per your request during the [press conference] blog, here's what
happened when I went into an Apple store at 4:15EDT with my receipt to get a
refund for a bumper. They were clueless. No one had seen the [press conference]. No one had been told in advance what was going on. No one was prepared to answer
questions. Someone finally went to the back to ask/search/pray and came back
and said they think it is going to be done via the Apple store online but that
was all they could find out."

Mmm. Not a good start to Operation Good Will.  Any other anecdotes, pro or con, you'd like to share about your free bumper experience?  Shoot us a line.  And don't forget to take our user poll and let us know your experiences with the "death grip" and your feelings about Apple's free bumper giveaway.

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