How To: DIY Fall Proof “Bumper” Corners

If you are anything like us, you live in fear of dropping you iPhone. Our 1G had so many dings and dents, it was amazing it worked at all. There are lots of cases out there but this solution is cheap and do it yourself.

It's sugru, a silicon modeling clay that adheres to nearly anything. You can use it to mold a bumper for each corner.

The video above shows you for how to apply four small bits of the material to the corners of your phone, thus making it much better at handling that moment when your 'magical device' meets the pavement. 

Even for those of you more graceful than us, sugru can keep the iPhone from rubbing against whatever it’s sitting on. No doubt this will help keep the scuffs and scratches away..

Sugru corners for your iPhone will cost under $10 for material, and only a few minutes of time to put together. It looks a bit like silly putty, but it works!

How to: DYI iPhone Bumper Case

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