How to: Guide To iPhone Voice Control Commands

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Call us biased but there is no denying that the Google
Voice Recognition on Android
pawns. We are unabashed fans of the Google Voice service, but we also don't want to  face the wrath of the diehard iPhone fanatics so we decided to list some nifty voice commands that some of you may not be aware off to make that iPhone experience a whole lot sweeter.

How to activate Voice Control:

To experience the joys of voice service, you first have to hold the "Home" or the headset button for a few seconds. As soon as you hear the magical beep, you get to access to the voice control feature.

Now  that you know how to start the service, its important you get familiar with the basic commands which are listed below:

 Phone Commands:

Don't want to type in your commands or navigate through the home-screen? Then just command the iPhone to do all the hard work. Call a friend by just saying "Call" or "Dial" . So if you are calling mom then just say "Call Mom Mobile" or if you are dialing a number just say " Dial 454xxxxx".

Music Commands:

You can also groove to your favorite songs on the iPhone without moving your hands. To access the music just say "Play music". To access your favorite playlists, say “Play playlist” plus playlist name, to access an album just command the iPhone to “Play album” plus album name. Other nifty commands include; “Pause”/”Pause music”, “Next song”, “Shuffle”, “Genius”/”Play more like this”/”Play more songs like this”. You can also access information of the song without navigating the iPhone, just say the following:

What's playing?” (general information)

“What song is this”,”Who sings this song”, or “Who is this song by” (specific information)

We have covered both phone and music commands however the iPhone is also capable of understanding certain miscellaneous commands that enhance the mobile experience. Some of them are listed below:

To know the time just say, “What is the time?”/”What time is it?”

“Not that one”/”Wrong”/”Nope”/”No”/”Not that”

To exit voice control just utter, “Cancel”/”Stop”.

We may sound like a broken record here but nothing beats the awesome Google Voice Recognition on Android. However the voice recognition command service on the iPhone is not bad either and we quite like using it.

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