Hungry Hungry Handsets: The “V” In “Verizon” Stands For “Voracious”

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Memo to AT&T execs moaning about their iPhone customers' bandwidth-gobbling: STFU.

That's the message in a recent study by Validas (whose day job is to optimize wireless phone bills).  They looked at 20,000 cell phone bills from the first five months of 2010.  Their conclusion: Verizon smartphone customers gobble up 25% more data than their crosstown iPhone rivals, averaging 421 MB/month vs. 338 MB/month.  Verizon also leads the charge in overall quantities of smartphone customers paying for data packages, followed by T-Mobile, then AT&T.

Two caveats about the report: RIM Blackberry phones, due to their data-compression techniques, were not included in the Verizon totals, nor were public "Wi-Fi hot zones" like those AT&T has set up in NYC and elsewhere.

[Via Ars Technica]