IGN to review Android games

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Famed electronic gaming site IGN has announced that they will begin doing reviews of Android games. Big news, as since the release of the iPhone 3G, IGN has almost exclusively covered  Apple's ‚Äòmagical‚Äô iDevices.

This move by IGN certainly reflects the growing popularity of Google's smartphone OS. The smartphone market has certainly spoken, Android’s share is increasing almost every quarter. In fact, a recent mobile technology usage report that shows Android has grown to 13 percent of total mobile usage in the United States. Apple may set higher in usage, at almost 25 percent, but it is clear they have a real challenger in Android.

While there is no denying the success of the iDevices and the App Store, a lot of people are clearly looking for something more. Combine this with Apple’s iPhone 4 antenna woes, and you have a recipe, or at least the potential for increased movement by Android. When a mainstream gaming site like IGN invests time and resources into Android, it is a sign of how far the upstart platform has come.

IGN is starting off with a HTC Evo review, top app recommendations, and a number of games including NOVA and Asphalt 5.


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