iPhone Wallpaper: Grid-App

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In our ongoing series of iPhone Wallpaper recs, come this neat addition to the fray: Effektive. They are a graphic design studio based in Glasgow, and have designed a series of grid based home screen backgrounds for iPhone 3GS, iPhone4 and iPad*.

They released the images to coincide with the IOS4 software upgrade which allows you to select home screen backgrounds. 

"These grid inspired layouts act as an organised wireframe structure to keep your applications in neat and tidy order on your iPhone or iPad*. With numbered grid rows and a 'D' for Dock you simply press hold and drag and drop your icons into the specific grid spots. Please note only works on devices running IOS4. iPhone 4 versions are now available below. More colours and styles will be made available soon. "

Not that the apps are ever out of order on your iDevice, but the wallpaper looks neat. We love this stuff.

*iPad Grid-Apps coming soon.

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