iTunes Account Hacking Leads to Crappy Books Taking Top 42 Spots

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As Engadget points out, many of these "Books" contain Dragon Ball Art for their Icons

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Engadget this morning caught wind of iTunes being hacked this morning in the Book category. When their original report came, they said that 42 of the top 50 books by revenue came from seller Thuat Nguyen.

Nguyen's website, listed as "mycompany" took users to a parked site called Most of these Apps were released several months ago, in April and reportedly had little to no customer reviews or ratings.

The real news is that iTunes accounts have recently been hacked, with users reporting up to "hundreds of dollars" being spent unknowingly on these books.

Since then, these books have been completely removed from the App store.

Update: According to some Mac|Life, the reports are "greatly exaggerated" and that this issue was reported by two users. This led to the belief that many more  accounts had been hacked, and that all iTunes accounts were vulnerable. Luckily, this is not the case, and the issue was quickly resolved.

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