iTunes Soon to Be on the Cloud?

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Boy Genius Report has been provided some information through a "reliable source" and it seems that iTunes may be jumping on the cloud soon. It's something we have all been expecting/asking/crossing our fingers for in hopes of it happening sooner rather than later. If BGR's source is to be believed, it may be coming together faster than we think.

They have also listed new capabilities for a cloud-based iTunes, which were separated into three groups:

1) Streaming music and movies form Apple's servers to your computer and devices, etc.-  According to BGR, this will eliminate the need for local storage, because you will be able to stream content straight to your wireless-enabled devices.

2) Streaming music and movies from your computer at home to other devices and computers, etc. – This is also what it sounds like, you will be able to stream your content from your home computer to your wireless devices.

3) Wireless iTunes syncing with your devices – This is probably the most basic, yet most awesome feature. Wireless syncing of devices. Apple TV already does something like this, and it's nice not to have to plug things in every time you want to update things on one of your iDevices. This should change that.

According to BGR sources, the wireless syncing will work "seamlessly." If you buy an App on your iPhone or iPad, it should sync to your computer instantly. Contacts, calendars and notes should also sync. 

The other news that they have provided says that Apple should be introducing two new devices this fall, with at least "two new devices with camera/camcorder capabilities." 

For now, we will just have to hope that their source is right.

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