iTweeted: Apple VP Joins Twitter — But To What End?

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Apple, it must be said, has a love-hate relationship with customer interaction.  For every email that Steve Jobs personally answers, a dozen critical message threads are deleted from Apple's support forum.

So it was a bit surprising when Scott Forstall (Apple's Senior Vice President of iPhone Software) signed up for a Twitter account.  And while the microblogging social network is up to its Fail Whales in fake Steve Jobs accounts, was quickly verified by Twitter as authentic.  As of this writing, Forstall has zero tweest and over 17,000 followers, but is himself following just one person: Conan O'Brien.  (Oddly enough, around the same time Conan tweeted "I found a huge design flaw in my new iPhone. People get angry when I talk on it during a funeral.")

As to what Forstall intends to do with his Twitter account, the jury's still out.  Apple's other Twitter accounts, e.g. iTunesTrailers, are more for promotion than anything else.  On the other hand, with the ongoing publicity black eye over the iPhone 4's antenna problems, Forstall's presence may be to personally apply some PR healing balm.  We won't know until he actually posts something…

[Via TechCrunch]